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How to Measure Your Pool Table for the Proper Cloth Size

Please reference the appropriate chart below to see what size cloth to order.

Measure the playing area where the ball actually rolls on the table, from side rail to side rail.
MeasurementSize to Order
39" x 78" 7 foot
44" x 88" 8 foot
46" x 92" 8 foot oversize
50"x100" 9 foot
56"x112" 10 foot
66"x132" 12 foot*

*12 ft cloth only available in Simonis

Measure the distance from the rail marker / sight (diamond or circle) center to the center of the next on the SAME rail.
MeasurementSize to Order
under 11" 7 foot
11" 8 foot
11 1/2" 8 foot oversize
12 1/2" 9 foot
14" 10 foot

Looking for pool table cloth?

If you are unsure what size to order, call Ken at (410) 256-8388.

Our cloths are shipped pre-cut (bed cloth and rail cloths).

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