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Classic & Plastic/Rubber Pockets for Antique Billiard & Pool Tables

types of pocket ironsHow to identify type of iron when ordering pockets
Brass Plated Iron - #3 STYLE
Regular Iron - #6 STYLE

We offer two basic styles of pocket irons shown on the left. The Brassplated "Top Mounted" iron is a common iron in many tables. However, there were other "less common" irons used as well.

The other iron we offer is a standard "Antique style 6 iron". Most people don't know there is an "Antique 6 iron" and a "Modern 6 iron". Modern style 6 irons that most people offer WILL NOT work on an antique table. Our "Antique style 6 irons" are intended to interchange with original antique 6 irons. See here for what happens when you replace original antique style irons with "modern" number 6 irons.

 New pocket bolts available to work with our pockets under hardware section. Choose Bolt-4" or Bolt-4.5" if purchsing with pockets.

$19.50 each 4 in. Red Plastic Pocket Liner - set of 6 PKT/LINER/4 Out of Stock - please check back
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modern pockets example

Modern or Antique Pockets?

If your pool table needs leather pockets like the one to the right and dates from 1960 until the present, please visit our Modern Leather Pockets section.

pocket iron restoration

If you would like to have old pocket irons restored with new leather components, try our friends at
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