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Antique Pool Table for Sale

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H. W. Collender "Occidental" Pool Table Circa 1882

This very rare table was produced by H. W. Collender in New York circa 1882. H.W. Collender merged with Brunswick & Balke to form the Brunswick Balke Collender Company in 1879.

Rare H.W. Collender "Occidental" Pool Table Circa 1882 (for sale)

However, the two companies served as separate entities until 1884 when they became the largest conglomerate in the billiard industry from that point until where it is today.

It is my opinion that this table was in Collender's inventory when they merged and retailed by the Brunswick Balke Collender Company after 1884 (after the merger). Shown below is an original stencil on back of a section of slate with the Brunswick Balke Collender name applied.

This "Occidental" is a 4.5' x 9' regulation size table that is comprised of an intricately decorated ornamental cast iron exterior that would have originally been painted in a "stove black" finish with gold highlights.

After a lengthy (3-year) period of negotiation with the owner, we finally were able to purchase this very rare table. We decided to put this table through an extensive 14-month restoration to remove the several layers of old paint that was on the exterior and apply this custom "antique bronze" plated finish. The top rail (or bumper) system is the only exterior part that is wood and not cast iron. The sides and tops of these rail parts are rosewood with incise carvings with bronze paint applied.

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