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Antique Pool Table for Sale

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Frank Rosatto Union League Circa 1898


This 4' x 8' version of the Union League was produced by Frank Rosatto Co. (Philadelphia, PA) around 1898. The table is a very unusual size (home 8 ft-size: 44" x 88" playfield). This table can be placed in a smaller room than common full-size 9' tables require. To play comfortably with aa full-length 57" cue stick, the space should be 13.5' x 17'. It could fit into a smaller area with the use of shorter cues.

The table is in quartersawn oak with rosewood rail tops and a mother-of-pearl engraved nameplate.

We are offering this table in restored condition. Matching quartersawn oak cue and ball rack also being offered.

Feel free to email or call for similar tables.

frank rosatto union league 01frank rosatto union league 02frank rosatto union league 03frank rosatto union league 04

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